Built from the ground up to give you the best experience ever!

Limousine Interior

Modeled after luxury limousines, each of our game trucks are built under our direct supervision. We take great pride in our build quality and wouldn’t dream of sacrificing it by outsourcing to far away lands. Down to the trim beading, you really notice the luxuries.

Six 60″ Screens Inside

Our trucks are stacked with monitors for the ultimate gaming experience. While our competitors limit the fun to four screens, we want to maximize the fun for as many players as possible. There are six 60″ HD screens inside putting you in the action wherever you sit.

24 Players at Once

Extra screens means extra players. Our rigs comfortably facilitate fun for up to 24 players at once. No one will feel left out here. Others in the market only accommodate 16 players. This added value comes free of charge.

Theater Sound System

Comes complete with iPod Docking Station. Parties are better with music and we allow kids to bring their own iPod along for a truly custom tailored party! In addition, the gaming experience with the theater sound is like that of no other.

Laser Light Show

The color changing ceiling is just the beginning of the optical experience. Our trucks come fully equipped with laser light show equipment that will blow your mind. This is the icing on the cake that all the kids love.